A totally “awww” moment.

I think it was Thursday and my boyfriend, Lucian, and I went to a nearby grocery. While we were finishing our food in one of the siomai stands, I saw a little boy and a little girl run towards this tall, huge badass-looking man (bald and with tattoos), and he was crouched down and his arms were open. They hugged him hard, and they were smiling with glee. He was hunkered down for a long time and they were just like that for a few minutes. Then a pretty woman came along, looked adoringly at them and touched the man’s head with love. I was just staring at them for the longest time. My boyfriend saw my face, I don’t know what I looked like, and then he hugged me.

I envy those two children. Their father loves them. And they just made me realize that all is still right in the world.


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