Crushing101: Flynn Rider

First Impression: I thought you were cute and smart, which made me wary around you.

The truth is: I’ve been looking at you since day one. And I felt guilty about it because I had a boyfriend then. And I felt you had a crush on me because you remembered me too easily during that second meeting. And I just pretended that I needed help in crossing that pipe near Long Island (I really did need help because I’m clumsy and awkward but yeah, I could’ve done it on my own). And I denied that I have a crush on you for how many months before finally admitting it to myself because we both have SOs (well, I did) and I don’t want to have a crush, especially you. And I wanted to say goodbye so, so bad to you after our finals, but I couldn’t because I asked my then-boyfriend to come with me and he was already jealous of how we interact (we fought later that evening because he said I was defending you or something). And I already stalked you before I even added you (on a dare) on Facebook. And I got all giddy when you liked my kinda crazy-stupid status, which makes no sense. And I think I’m prettier than your girlfriend which makes me a bad person and I don’t want to think like that because that means I’d rather be your… you know… I don’t know. I just want to experience you (uh) even for just a day.

How old do you look: 28. Kidding. You looked like you’re around my age, and somehow I’m right. 22 or 23. I don’t know, I didn’t ask you.

We’re: okay? (What)

Have you ever made me laugh? Yes, you did. Always.

Have you ever made my Day? Yes.

Best memory together: I have two! That pretend-time I did just so you could help me (you have strong hands btw) and when you became my walk buddy for the day and I kinda learned a thing or two about you. 🙂

Best feature: Ooooh! Your nose! You kinda look like Flynn Rider. Hihi.

Friend or Stranger: Uhm. I would like to be friends, though.

Name in my phone: I don’t even know your number. (I was hoping you’d take mine from Coach Noel’s files. Pathetic.)

Do I love you? No.

Looks (1-10): 7? Haha.

Personality (1-10): 9

Closeness (1-10): Sadly, 1.

Will I hug you: Yes. Haha.

Nickname for you: Flynn. ST (student-teacher).


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