My Time With You Was Like A Fine-Dining Experience

Let me compare my time with you with food. I find it amusing.

You see, the time I spent with you was like treating myself to a fancy restaurant or steakhouse. And you were the most expensive meal on the menu (i.e. An expensive Angus steak or better yet, something rare and the type that melts in your mouth). Before this, I was eating fastfood for almost everyday. It wasn’t healthy, but it was all I can afford. Though there was a time that that fast food joint was also a fancy restaurant. Only it happened that the restaurant went under renovation and when it opened again, it started to run like it’s a fastfood. Like when a place is under new management. Or something. Do you get me? The quantity and the quality started to suck, but it was familiar, all I had ever known. And I just got used to it.

So, anyway, there you are. A big, thick slab of meat. You looked good, you smelled good. My mouth watered. I took my first bite. Oh Lord, t’was pure bliss. I couldn’t believe it. Wow. How can something (in your case, someone) so awesome exist. I ravished you. I realized too late that I should have taken my time, but you were just so scrumptious and I couldn’t help myself. And I thought it would be enough.

But God knows, I’m wrong. It was like a piece of heaven and all I could think of is ‘I want more.’ I thought I was satisfied, even to the point of contentment. But, like I said, you were like a fine meal. Only expensive. Really expensive.

Bottomline is this: you’re like the most expensive on the menu because I know it would take me long before I get to have you again. And there is a possibility that I can’t have you again. I will just crave and long for you until I can afford you. But I highly doubt that there would be a next time.

It’s just sad. I should have savored you. My time with you, I mean.



*** Not my best. Lol. Just wanted to let it outtttt.